The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Keeping track of communication channels and documents

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 13:05
The Central Baltic programme is active on many fronts in communication. Sometimes it can be confusing as to what is found and where. This post contains a summary of locations and files that our projects should be aware of.

Social Media

We are using Facebook and Twitter. In Facebook, we host the official programme page and the Communication Network for projects. The latter is a great channel to share your activities and visibility with other projects and those related to the programme. For example, here at the JS we keep a close eye on the communication network activities.

Our official Facebook page:

Communication Network for projects:

Twitter is also an effective channel to gain social media visibility. Whenever you are doing project-related posts, remember to handle us (@CentralBaltic). In Twitter you can, among other, review priority lists that enable you to see, what other projects (those active on Twitter), have been posting.

Our Twitter:

We are working on updating our Guide for Project Communication (see below), to also include a section about using different social media channels.

Online platforms

On our webpage, you can find regular updates from the programme as well as all relevant documents. Related to project communication, two files worth reading are the Guide for project communication and the Template for a project communication plan. The template gives a basic wireframe for drafting a communication plan for the project. Although projects are not required to submit a communication plan to the Joint Secretariat – it’s a good resource for structuring project communication. You can also ask for support for developing and implementing the plan. Both documents can be found under implementation phase documents:

The programme logo and the EU emblem are available under logos and maps:

We have a communication-related section in our FAQ (dealing e.g. with use of the EU emblem on different backgrounds):

A great way to stay updated on programme-related news is to subscribe to our newsletter. Here’s the subscription link:

The project database presents all our implementing projects. In addition to basic data (summary, partners and so on), photos and information about media visibility is provided. In the database, you can filter projects using different criterion – maybe even find another project to collaborate with. The database is found here:
Finally, if you have communication-related questions, you can always drop us a line :)