The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

The guide for project implementation has just been updated

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 15:34
The Guide for project implementation has just been updated. The list of changes is avialble below 
  • Supplementary information must be kept updated by the lead partner; especially for the Programme level communication purposes it is important that the project manager and main lead partner user are the same and the information is valid (p. 7)
  • Procurements exceeding national and EU thresholds must be added in the eMS Supplementary information (p. 10); reported costs in the List of Expenditure must be linked with these procurements when it is relevant (p. 17-18)
  • Partner Reports which do not include any reported costs can be directly submitted for the lead partner (p. 15 and p. 25)
  • Partner Report and Project Report must be submitted by the same user within 2 minutes from the successful check (p. 15, p. 24, p. 34)
  • Supporting documents added in the List of Expenditure will be automatically deleted two years after CA certification (p. 17)
  • Reported costs which are not certified by the FLC are visible in the List of Expenditure. The reasons for ineligibility can be seen in the FLC comment box (p. 27)
  • Final Report template is available in the eMS (p. 37)
  • Completed Outputs are compiled and reported separately at the same time with the Final Report (p. 38)
  • A prior approval of Staff cost related changes is updated (p. 40)
  • Generated PDF files will be automatically deleted after 90 days from their creation (p. 42)
  • eMS generates selected automatic messages (p. 43)    
More information about this topic are being sent to each project by its JS contact person.