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European Cooperation Days 2018 @CentralBaltic

Friday, September 21, 2018 - 12:53
To honor the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH2018) that was officially launched by the EU Commissioner for Culture, Education and Sport Tibor Navracsis and the Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Culture, Petra Kammerevert last year in Milan, the European cooperation day, has been this year dedicated to the theme:"Painting our future together".

The Central Baltic programme is supporting this initiative by organising events dedicated to cultural heritage and painting across the region thanks to our national Contact Points.


Last weekend on 15th of September our contact points from Estonia and Latvia celebrated European Cooperation Day together with Estonia-Latvia Programme. This is true cooperation and coworking! Estonia and Latvia are proud of their cultural heritage. Both countries have their 100th birthday this year.

For this year’s European Cooperation Day a Heritage Road Trip was held. It consisted of four thematic routes, which started from 4 locations – Pärnu, Tartu in Estonia and Rīga, Alūksne in Latvia. Participants traveled on buses through the thematic sites and were involved in testing the tourism attractions. On the Hansa route our Central Baltic Programme’s Project HANSA was visited. The Heritage Road Trip ended in Sangaste castle in Estonia for a joint celebration of the European Cooperation Day 2018 and centenaries of Estonia and Latvia. Unique and colourful concert was performed by the Livi folkgroup “Kāndla”, Suiti men’s bagpipe group “Suitu dūdenieki”, Seto Leelo Choir “Helmekaala” and Kihnu women dance group “Pitsid paistavad”. All together they represent 4 ethnic regions of Estonia and Latvia. Three of these regions are protected by UNESCO.
Event was awarded the European Year of Cultural Heritage label.

Johanna Joosep
Contact Point Estonia

Ilze Lezgdina
Contact Point Latvia


21 September is the official European Cooperation Day, (ECDay).
On Åland, we celebrate the European Cooperation Day with four different art exhibitions at local restaurants and meeting places.
Each exhibition symbolizes the ECDay logotype based on our cultural heritage. 

Students at Ålands Lyceum have, inspired by their teacher Tanja Reuter-Lindén, designed the ECDay logo by choosing and painting Alandic bridges and gates. The theme is also highlighting the European Year of Cultural Heritage, "The Future has a Long History".

On the 23rd of September, the public could paint themselves in watercolors in Jomala församlingshem, as part of the ECDay 2018 celebrations.
On the 10th of October there will be a joint vernissage with 46 paintings at Ålands Lyceum - and some of these marvellous paintings will also be visible at the Central Baltic Annual Event in Turku in November.

Ester Miiros-Hollsten
Contact Point Åland


In Helsinki Contact Point Finland organised a street art event in cooperation with Helsinki Urban Art. Three artists (Anetta Lukjanova, Jesse Pasanen, David Popa) from different nationalities painted in cooperation a street art piece to enliven the urban environment in Pasila, which is a part of the city known for its brutalist 1970s architecture. Cooperation of artists from different nationalities in creating the art piece presented the possibilities of crossborder cooperation. The artwork will remain in Pasila for city-dwellers to enjoy for years to come.

Jaakko Ranta
Contact Point Finland


Photo taken during the cultural heritage event organised in cooperation with the EST-LAT programme