The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

At the Central Baltic Programme we celebrated the European Cooperation Day with many events throughout the programme area

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 13:58
The European Cooperation Day is held annually in September.  This year the event was organised for the fifth time on September 21st and the surrounding days.  During the EC Day week, the national Contact Points of the Central Baltic Programme arranged many events aimed at promoting cross-border cooperation among pupils and high school students.
Our EC Day preparations started already in the spring, when we visited schools around the Programme area to talk about cross-border cooperation and to ask pupils their thoughts about the subject. We then filmed their answers and collected them into a video.

19 September, Parainen, Finland

Emma-Leena Kemppainen, our Contact Point in Finland, organised an EC Day related event in the library of Parainen, in collaboration with the Finnish speaking high school of Parainen (Paraisten lukio). The themes –careers in EU institutions and opportunities to study abroad as well as international summer jobs possibilities – were respectively presented by the EU career ambassador for the University of Turku Emma Lappalainen and by EURES representative Tomi Puranen.
Also students from the Swedish speaking gymnasium of Parainen, Pargas Svenska Gymnasium, took part in the event.

21 September, Lecava, Latvia

In Latvia our national Contact Point Līga Djačenko organised a creative workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the Interreg Latvia-Lithuania Programme and the national Contact Point of the URBACT III Programme. During the event, musical instruments and a performance were prepared by pupils from Latvia (Zālīte Special School) and Lithuania (Kelme Special School) as well as musicians Nils Īle and Vilius Matutis. Pupils from the Lecava Music and Art School participated in the performance as well as.
Additionally, in connection to the EC Day, pupils in Kuldīga partook in creative activities aimed at raising awareness about cultural heritage.
In relation to the event, Latvian partners involved in projects financed by our programme, took part in a CB programme projects Open Days initiative.

21 September, Mariehamn, Åland

In Mariehamn, our Contact Point Åland Ester Miiros, organised a Cross-border exhibition in the city library. In the morning the Minister of Internal Affairs Nina Fellman gave a welcoming speech and afterwards videos about the EC Day and a video-greeting from MEP Nils Torvalds from Brussels were screened.  A short presentation about ongoing CB projects followed; project managers explained the benefits and challenges of participating in cross-border cooperation projects. The exhibition was displayed until the 30th of September.
During the event actor Nicklas Lantz held a performance on the theme “Together we are strong”. He also performed a song written by himself about the state of the Baltic Sea. Afterwards, pupils participated in a project quiz, which consisted of two questions about each of the projects displayed in the exhibition. 
In connection with the event an open discussion about cross-border cooperation was arranged in the evening.  The opening speech was hold by Minister Wille Valve.

27 September, Paide, Estonia

On September 27th our Contact Point in Estonia Nino Feštšin arranged an EC Day related event at the Paide Gymnasium to talk about opportunities for teachers to study, work and be a volunteer in the Central Baltic area. She also invited a specialist from EURES, Tatjana Grõndžola, to talk about similar opportunities for students.
Altogether more than 200 pupils participated in the events organised by our National Contact Points. Our EC Day promotional video, launched that same week, reached more than 1000 people through our social media channels.
Moreover, by writing about the events, local newspapers Nya Åland and Ålandstidningen in Åland, Paraisten kuulutukset in Finland and Bauskas dzīve in Latvia brought media visibility to the EC Day as well as our programme.
More information about the EC Day can be found here:

Elisa Bertieri /Central Baltic Communication Team

EC Day in Ievaca, Latvia