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Webinar IV - New Digital tools for participatory urban planning

Time: 23 August, 2018, 13:00 to 15:00
Place: Webinar
The webinar is open for everybody to participate but requires registration. Register to the webinar via this link

The 4th webinar of Baltic Urban Lab (August 23rd, 2018 ) will focus on the possibilities that new digital tools can bring in participatory urban planning. Baltic Urban Lab cities Tallinn and Norrköping have both developed and tested new tools to encourage different stakeholders, especially citizens to give their feedback and learn more about current planning issues. Tallinn has developed AvaLinn Mobile App and Norrköping 3D visualisation tool Earth Autopsy. The tools have been tested in the planning of the two brownfield sites - The Skoone Bastion in Tallinn & the Inner Harbour area in Norrköping. Norrköping and Tallinn  will share their practical experinces on the development and use of tools and give tips to other cities that are interested to develop similar tools.