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St Olav Waterway - a successful project. And what next? Nordic seminar in Mariehamn - in Swedish

Time: 5 February, 2020, 15:00 to 6 February, 2020, 13:00
Place: Mariehamn, 1 Strandgatan, Mariehamn 22100, Åland
St Olav Waterway is a new pilgrimage route from Turku across the archipelago and Åland to Sweden. It has gained a lot of interest and media visibility. It has also been certified as an official part of the European Cultural Route of St Olav Ways by the European Council. It ends in Trondheim, at the Nidaros dome, as all Olav ways do - 1200 km from Turku.

But now the project is ending. What will happen then?

Questions to be discussed at the seminar are:
  • How do you develop sustainable tourism based on pilgrimage?
  • What can you learn from others?
  • How can different organisations cooperate to make the route attractive and well functioning?

Special guests are the representatives from the Nasjonalt Pilegrimscenter in Norway and former Interreg projects along the St Olavsleden in  Östersund, Sweden.

Invited are project partners, Visit organisations, municipalities, NGOs, entrepreneurs, the church and congregations from Finland, Åland and Sweden.

This Nordic seminar is held in Swedish and a thematic seminar arranged by Contact Point Åland.

More about the event here, and you can register to the event here.
It will be held in different locations.

Please, send me an email, if you have questions. 

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